Care Advice, Support & Advocacy

Responding to changing needs and priorities


As we age, our individual circumstances, wishes and needs change. 

Health and mobility challenges often create a need for care and support services.  Some may require help with daily living activities within their own home (washing, dressing, meal preparation). Others may require assistance provided by live-in carers or an aged residential care setting.

Experiencing a loss of independence can feel overwhelming at times.  It is therefore vital that individuals’ wishes and requirements are heard and understood to facilitate the best support solutions.  This takes time, skill and understanding.

Finding someone to assist with the process can be a challenge. In today’s world, many families live a distance apart or lead busy lives. Needs Assessors and Social Workers from local DHBs may be able to assist but their involvement is often limited by eligibility or budgetary restraints.

‘A Good Life’ has the experience, skills and knowledge to help.  For individuals living at home, we can assist with navigating the health system and clarify what services are available.  We can also help individuals to explore alternative ways of meeting their needs (eg. sourcing private carers, locating clubs, developing hobbies or sourcing alternative meal providers).

For those transitioning from living at home to residential care, ‘A Good Life’ can help by:

* Explaining the process – working through choices and advising what happens next

* Developing a checklist – highlighting and recording important criteria

* Researching – establishing an appropriate shortlist

* Visiting care homes – accompanying the individual to view shortlisted care homes

* Completing paperwork – residential care subsidy form and associated administration

* Organising relevant services – lawyers, house movers, cleaners

* Supporting the transition – liaising with providers, providing transportation and supporting the ‘settling in’ period.



Ensuring your voice is heard


There are occasions when individuals feel their voice is not being heard or respected. Sometimes, individuals need help when families and professionals (often with the best intentions) try to influence decisions that conflict with their wishes. Other times professional support may be needed to navigate the complexities of the health system and find answers.

In these instances, independent advocacy is an option. Whether it is accompanying the individual to hospital or legal meetings or facilitating mediation with family, contact ‘A Good Life’ to see how we can help.

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