End-of-Life Planning & Support


Supporting the final journey


‘A Good Life’ offers a safe, compassionate space to explore all issues relating to death and dying.

As a trained ‘Soul Midwife’ (sometimes known as an End-of-Life Companion or Death Doula), Sarah has had the privilege of supporting many individuals on their final journey both privately and as a Spiritual Care Worker based at Nurse Maude Hospice, Christchurch.

Soul Midwives are non-medical, holistic companions who guide and support the dying in order to facilitate a gentle and tranquil death.  Sarah works alongside the medical profession, friends and family to provide a deep level of support to those diagnosed with a life-limiting illness. 

Our dying journey is profoundly unique and sacred.  The intensity of emotions within and surrounding the dying person and their whanau often feel overwhelming. 

Experiencing therapeutic, compassionate support at the end of our lives can be transformational.  Ensuring that all feelings are heard and acknowledged in a ‘space just for them’ helps to facilitate a more tranquil, gentle death. 

On a practical level, getting affairs in order prior to dying ensures that loved ones know what to do when the time comes.  This provides clarity for everyone involved and supports the grieving process.

Areas of support include:

* Administration planning – assistance with preparing documentation such as ‘advance care plans’

* Funeral planning – assistance to explore wishes, end-of-life options, plan ceremonies and source providers

* Biography writing – recording life stories for future generations

* Companionship – compassionate, personalised support for individuals at the end of their life

* Counselling – for individuals diagnosed with a life-limiting illness 

* Vigiling – providing comforting companionship for those in the final hours of life


Sarah’s ‘Soul Midwife’ skills also include meditation facilitation, gentle-touch massage and mindfulness.

 In summary, ‘A Good Life’ supports whatever is needed to facilitate ‘A Good Death’ as defined by the individual.

If you would like to talk or find out more about end-of-life support, please contact Sarah on 027 895 3558 or send a message via our contact page. 

For more information about Soul Midwifery, please click on the link below.


027 895 3558 • 03 426 6096 • sarah@agoodlife.nz