Meaningful Companionship


Sharing life, laughter and growth


In today’s world, many families lead busy lives or live a significant distance apart. Some older people feel isolated as a result of this distance, their health condition or life choices.

Recent research tells us that older people in New Zealand are feeling increasingly lonely.  Studies conclude that this has a negative impact on health, well-being and mortality.

Whilst day care centres and clubs meet the needs of many, meaningful one-to-one contact remains the preference for some older people. Our aim is to understand the preference of the individual in order to provide companionship which aligns with their needs.

Examples of the services we provide include:

* Activities – companionship walks, hobbies, viewing or creating art, listening to music, dancing

* Biography work – looking at photos, listening to life stories and recording them in a chosen format

* Trips and outings – exploring somewhere new or returning somewhere familiar, cinema trips, cafe outings

* Companionship cooking – finding recipes, shopping for ingredients and preparing meals together

* Games and reading – helping to keep the brain stimulated, completing crosswords, reading the paper

* Internet and basic computer skills – facilitating internet searches, emails, Skyping, administration and I.T. basics teaching

Visits can take place at the individual’s place of residence (including residential care) or at an agreed venue. They can be booked on a regular or ad-hoc basis for varying durations.

Meaningful companionship visits can also be arranged to enable regular carers to have a break. In these instances, carer support funding can contribute towards the cost of visits.

Telephone and email companionship is available as an alternative or supplement to visits.

Please contact ‘A Good Life’ to discuss your individual requirements. We are flexible, open to ideas and can often provide creative resources.

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