“Six months ago I suffered a mild stroke which left me with language difficulties (e.g. word finding), daily physical fatigue, mental tiredness and frustrations…My journey has been improving day by day. Sarah has been wonderful, the trust I have in her is strong and ongoing. She listens with a rare insight and understanding that is both calmative and healing. Sarah has helped me obtain the wishes and needs that I was not able to put into words. Without Sarah’s care, I think the huge frustrations and loss of confidence would have been detrimental to my increasing recovery and happiness. Thank you Sarah. How fortunate I was to have met you. I can again enjoy life, laugh at myself with others when it all goes wrong, and bless you for your new Good Life support.”

Carol Balfour-Foord, client

“This card is to say thank you very much for supporting and caring for our Aunt in her final hours.  Sarah, you are in the right position (it’s more than a job).  You have a kind, quiet, sensitive attitude and display caring concern for both the patient and the family.  Also our grateful thanks to you for your continuing visits to her bereaved family.”

Family of a client

“Following a slight stroke and memory loss, I was admitted to hospital where it was recommended that I go into supported living accomodation and not live alone anymore.  This meant I had to sell my home, contents and car as I could no longer drive safely. Through all this, Sarah and her team supported me: Graham did the removing of household contents and maintenance and Dee helped with house cleaning.  Without Sarah, I would not be in the secure situation I am now in. Thank you so much for all you have done for me – your support has and continues to be wonderful and I don’t have adequate words to thank you enough.”

Jocelyn Mason, client

“Sarah is a true treasure !  The positive impact that Sarah has had on our mutual clients life is remarkable, I have been looking after the financial affairs of a lady living out of town for some time, however this client was not living the best life she could be…. That is until Sarah came along.  From our perspective she has professional standards that are trustworthy, the way she has taken the time with this client to move her through a very difficult transition has been truly remarkable.  Not only has Sarah coordinated with myself but with others within the clients life to make sure that all aspects of her life are in harmony. What this has meant for the client as that for the first time in a very long time she is looking forward to what makes her happy instead of just surviving.  Sarah has incredible patience and empathy to help this client who has suffered for many years.  Sarah has made my life easier as well, Sarah communicates with everyone concerned with ease.  Sarah is a remarkable lady, I have seen for myself what Sarah can do to truly make a difference to the life of another and for that I am very grateful – thank you Sarah.”

Lee Nicol, Senior Trustee - Public Trust

“Sarah has dealt with many issues for Dad, listening to him with sensitivity, value and understanding. She has always been open to providing for Dad’s needs and wishes. We are so grateful for all her dedication and commitment, not only to Dad, but for helping us as a family to adjusting to Dad leaving his home of over 60 years to live permanently in a care home.”

Mr & Mrs Toye, family

“To be with Sarah is to be loved, comforted, accepted, held and supported. Her companionship is not merely a role but a generous and integrated way of being. I would highly recommend Sarah as a wise, trustworthy and respectful companion”

Debra Hercock, Hospice Counsellor

“I have had the pleasure of working with Sarah in the health industry in her role as a Social Worker. Sarah has a clear sense of priorities and principles and with her positive energy, passion for people and extensive experience, she is able to identify how best to support people in times of need. She has excellent advocacy skills and empowers others to live their best lives. Watching her support others is inspiring.”

Liz Weir, Registered Nurse and Clinical Needs Assessor

“Sarah is an exceptional and caring woman whose own authenticity encourages those around her to be real and authentic themselves. Her life experience and diverse professional roles have contributed to her being thoughtful, compassionate, heart centred and interested in others and where they currently find themselves in their lives. Sarah is a strong advocate for justice and empowerment. Able to support individuals, couples, families or groups as well as question or even challenge social systems and structures, Sarah has clear processes, an infectious enthusiasm and a desire that people live, grow older and die well.”

Elizabeth Hamilton, Registered Social Worker

“Sarah presented ‘in-service’ training to Kimberley Rest Home Staff recently. The ‘in-service’ covered:- Spirituality and Ageing and included Sensory, Psycho-Social elements.  Sarah’s professional presentation was enjoyed by all the staff who attended. It was very interesting and enjoyable. Staff contributed by answering questions and participating in the exceptional way Sarah presented her talk to us. We would like to have Sarah join us in the future for more training.”

Sue Evans, Manager - Kimberley Rest Home

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